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Course providers

Who is a course provider? How course providers cooperate with the platform?

On Customs Clearance platform learners find online courses on customs topics. The courses vary from 3 min. educational videos to courses which may take more that 20 hours to graduate and to receive a certificate. The courses are for free or for payment and available directly on the platform or on the websites of our partners.

A course provider is a company or an organization that provides online courses in their language(s) for their market(s). The course provider supports instructors and guarantees the quality of content. At the moment the online course module of the platform is being developed, therefore we are publishing only information about the content available on the websites of our partners.

Would you like to post information about online courses available on your website or to become a course provider on the platform, when the option will be available (in December 2019)? We would be happy to cooperate! Please contact us by email